Advantages Of Using Solar Panels (Our Technology) At Your Business

solar panels on wdcsIf haven’t explored the possibility of using solar panels in your home or business, you could be missing out on great savings and independence from utility companies. Millions of households have gone solar, and if you live in an area that receives plenty of sunshine, why not use the most natural resource there is? We will never run out of solar power and even 40 years from now, your panels could be generating power and you should you look to invest!

Of course, choosing to rely on solar energy does require an initial investment on your part and panels that are of high quality don’t come cheap. However, if you’re tired of utility companies lording over you, the inefficiency of the power supply you pay for or simply want to go green, solar energy is indeed the future!

Save Thousands By Going Solar

The decision to install solar panels on your property is usually prompted by the need to save money on energy bills. Homeowners can save literally thousands of dollars over the years by choosing to independently source their own power from solar energy. In Hawaii alone, homeowners have saved well over $60,000 in just 20 years on average.

No Upfront Payment Necessary

You don’t need to be able to outright purchase your solar panels with cash. In fact, for little or no money down, you can join a pay-as-you-go solar plan where you pay a monthly fee for the use of solar panels. Keep in mind, the amount you pay for the panels to a solar energy company will be a fraction of the cost of what you would pay your utility company monthly.

Add Value To Your Property

One of the easiest ways that you could increase the overall value of your property is by choosing to go solar. Properties that appear on the market and have their own independent power supply sell much faster than any other type of home.

Fixed Energy Costssolar savings

No one can say with certainty what a utility company will charge you for electricity five or ten years from now, but we can agree that it’s always going to be more than you anticipate. Solar energy is a solid investment that provides energy at a fixed rate for at least 20 years.

Always Guaranteed

All professionally installed solar panels come with a 20 to 25 year guarantee for performance. Even after the initial guarantee is up, your panels will still provide 80% power for an additional 20 years. The bottom line is that you’re pretty much set for life!

Energy Independence For The Future

We all anticipate that in the future, we won’t have enough energy to go around our planet decades from now. By choosing to go solar today, you can remove your dependence on utility companies and non-renewable resources. Our planet will thank you and so will your wallet!

As you can see, going solar has numerous advantages. The right solar panels can give you financial freedom and the ability to enjoy energy years from now without fear of burdening our planet.

Case Studies

One of our good friends was interested in installing solar panels at his business office to help cut costs and give back to the environment. We decided to make his story one of our case studies (examples). The company is Water Damage Colorado Springs (WDCS CO) based in, well you guessed it – Colorado Springs, Colorado.  WDCS already is environmentally friendly due to the nature of their work so getting solar panels was basically a “no brainer”.They get plenty of sunshine year round and the office is not blocked by trees or other buildings. We installed the solar panels in March of 2015 and the business has seen a 58% reduction in electricity costs over the last few months. They plan on installing more panels to get this down 100% and be completely “off the grid” so to speak. In about 10 years or so they will have saved as much money as the panels cost and be completely profitable at this point.  

We love seeing case studies like this and maybe you can be the next for your business. Use our contact page to get in touch with us and see what our technology can do to help you. 

Why Upgrading Your Company’s HVAC System Is A Good Idea

residential hvac systemWhile HVAC system manufacturers give a guarantee of 10 years on their systems, this doesn’t mean you should rely on that single appliance for that long. Wear and tear among other factors reduce the system’s efficiency thus making it hard to keep the workplace warm or cold. This also means the systems will be consuming more energy than it should for smooth operation.

Discussed below are some of the reasons you should consider upgrading HVAC systems in your company.

1. Improved energy efficiency: Although your HVAC system may be functioning properly to this date, it may not be as energy efficient as newer systems. Systems more than 10 years waste lots of energy thus attracting huge energy bills. Nonetheless, replacing the old systems with new and technologically advanced ones not only helps cut down on energy costs but also saves the environment as well. In addition to this, some of the vital components such as the ductwork may be leaking hence causing massive heat loss.

2. Improved indoor air quality: The principle idea of having an HVAC system is to provide adequate ventilation, filter allergens, and keep humidity at acceptable levels. While the system may have been the best in the market a decade ago (when you acquired it), these have been replaced with more efficient ones. Newer HVAC systems are capable of filtering out all allergens among other pollutants thus keeping the workplace friendly and fun to work in.

3. Zoning capabilities: Traditional or older HVAC system units worked by cooling the entire space or rooms. This means the system would struggle to keep temperatures at set levels – thus consuming more electricity. Nonetheless, newer systems have a zoning capability that makes it possible to cool only the rooms in use instead of the whole-space approach. This makes it even more energy efficient hence saving your company thousands of dollars. These systems only monitor and cool/heat designated areas hence very efficient in this.

4. Reduced cooling load: Almost all electronic systems suffer from reduced efficiency as time goes by. The same applies to having an oversized/undersized HVAC system for your workplace. Using an inappropriately sized HVAC system means it will be inefficient, suffer from wear and tear, and have a shortened lifespan as well. Nonetheless, shopping for a newer system means you have a chance to correct the problem, hence reducing the cooling load. Aside from this, such systems have smart detectors that calculate the building envelope for precise cooling or heating.

clean hvac ductsWhether the existing HVAC system is more than 10 years old, or you just need something new for your company, some market research will be necessary to acquire the right equipment for the job. You also ought to make sure it is energy star certified before making the order. Contacting a local HVAC expert near where you live is also a good idea. They will understand your area and weather cycles to properly suggest the right equipment. 

For example, I have family in Los Angeles, CA and their AC is rarely needed or used. Their local HVAC contractor suggested a bare bones unit to just cool down the house when it gets a little warm outside. On the other hand, I have a friend who lives in the Corpus Christi, TX area and his local HVAC expert suggested a very strong and top of the line unit because AC is needed constantly for about 7months out of the year. Their Corpus Christi humidity also takes a toll on the AC unit so you always want to make sure they are serviced properly and ready for those hot days. 

How electronics are rapidly advancing in technology

electronicsThe Advancement Seen With Electronics

Go back a decade and see the state of tech at that point in time. How was it? It was not even close to being the same. Flip phones were the ‘in’ thing at the time and bulky laptops were making the rounds. Anyone who had one of those bulkier laptops was felt to be lucky and modern.

If you were caught with one of those things right now, you would not feel as proud. Technology has always been like this because it is always evolving. It could be the TV which went from black and white to 4K so quickly. You just have to keep up.

What is leading to this advancement? A few catalysts can be named.


Competition And Thirst For More

It is quite simple. Businesses are in it for the money and if there is a demand for something new and powerful, they will want to push for it. There is a demand and they want to fulfill these needs as best as they can to take over the market and make money.

It is simple and that is what drives the tech world forward. The thirst to keep pushing and getting people to pay money for what they are selling is a great resource to tap into when needing motivation. These businesses never lack motivation especially right now.

Better Processingelectronics are growing

Some of the tech that is being made has come about because of how materials are being processed. These items were designed in the past, but at that time, it was not possible to even make those things come alive. Someone might have had the idea of an MP3 player, but they probably didn’t have the manufacturing to create small storage disks.

This is just one example. Better processing has done a lot for tech and how it is made.

Technology is always growing and that is something you will never be able to get past. Every year there is something new that is hitting the market and before it has even cooled down, there is something new that is being talked about. This is how tech works and it is how things will continue to go because these catalysts will remain.

The consumer is also growing up in terms of tech that is being released and they want to spend money on these changes. They want cutting-edge items and companies are willing to oblige.

Welcome to SPA Instruments – Solution Per Applications

spa instruments logoSince 1994, “SPA Instruments Pvt.Ltd.” is engaged in manufacturing panel and field instrumentation products, starting with 100 square feet rented work place, now we have our own 3000 square foot factory and office.

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